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My name is Ali Imran Tarique.

I am Web Developer (Open Source Based).

Also I was a Senior Merchandiser in RMG(Ready Made Garment) manufacturing sector.

As A Web Developer


In 2000, I started my Software Engineering with E-Technology curriculum based 2 years Diploma course and successfully completed in 2003. After that I did a part time job at local ISP as Networking Engineer for client support and server maintainance. After gather 2.5 years as a Network Engineer, I switched of to RMG sector from IT sector, because of lackings of support from seniors friends. Beside that I was developing web pages for some of companies as contact basic but it was not satisfied myself to come back IT sector to kick start again.

When I was in German based buying office, my country manager offered me to join in IT sector but unfortunately it was not happend. After that I had building up myself as web developer and leaning latest released technologies. Suce as PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Joomla. Here also I didn't get any kind of support from any body. Then I decide to enroll for IT courses again for coming back to IT sector.

Then I took course from IBCX-Primax Software, Bangladesh which title was "Developing Dynamic Web Application using PHP 5.3 and MySQL 4.0." Here I got lots of knowledge about recent world's technologies and updating my self to join their. After completed that course, I enrolled for "Zend Certified PHP 5.3 Engineer(ZCE)" training courses which duration was 54 Hours and got 3 Certificate from Zend Technologies for completed that course. Unfortunately it took over the 1 year. Anyway, without deeply study, I sat down for the online Exam. That was my first online exam so that I can't answered 10 questions and bookmarked questions were not unbookmarked 9 question. The result is fail but I'm satisfied with my exam that all those questions were answered from my previous knowledgeds. Also I am preparing my self to retake that exam with tight confidence.

Recently I am working as Freelancer Dynamic Web Developer. And also continuing my development about recent technologies along with studies.

As A Merchandiser (Apperal)


I started my carrer from Saville Row Ltd. (sister concern of Consumer Product Ltd. i,e CPL.) as a Junior Merchandiser.This company is 100% Export oriented Woven Factory. After 2.5 months later I had successfully dealed with H&M customer (Puls Trading Far East Ltd.). After that I was handled H&M customer's some of departments such as Bib, L.O.G.G, etc. My handled products was Swimwear, Maternity Trouser, Ladies Pant, Ladies Skirts, etc. After order confirmed with factories, I was following up those confirmed orders upto shipment. As a Saville Row Ltd. is ISO certified company so that our duties also to follow ISO standard beside order follow up.

After order placing, my duties was trims and fabric booking to overseas companies and inhouse within our T&A to start production and shipment goods on time.